Integrated Inter-State Bus Terminus in Surat

Author: Priyanka Yogesh Vaidya
Site Location: Surat, Gujarat
Institute: Pillai’s HOC College of Architecture, Rasayani
Advisor: Ar. Shuchi Joshi, Ar. Aswathy Rajgopal


The aim of the project is to create seamless connectivity in urban areas by enhancing more on the usage of public transport and explore intergrated inter-state bus terminus ground infrastructural developments which will create an identity and will act as an urban node.

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Oikya-Tirtha: A Center for Cultural Unification Commemorating Bengal Partition, Kolkata

Author: Oishik Chakraborty
Site Location: New Town, Kolkata
Institute: Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Advisor: Ms. Sanghamitra Sarkar, Dr. Sanjib Nag


A Center for Cultural Unification Commemorating Bengal Partition essentially talks about two most important things: Oikya or Unity, and Bengal Partition. This Center aims at providing a platform for this Unity through public interaction. This has been achieved through the site designing, and taking the urban context of the site into consideration in the process.

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Transit Integrated Development in Cairo’s Urban Sprawl

Author: Shubham L. Lad
Site Location: Maspero Triangle, Cairo
Institute: Acharya NRV College of Architecture, Bangalore
Advisor: Girija Umashankar


The intent of the design is to create a socially inclusive, vibrant and cohesive environment fused with an existing environment that is becoming highly mono-use and very programmatic in its nature. The project looked at designing a transit-supportive framework with proposed metro station by integrating high density mixed land use and modal interchange within walking/cycling distance of the other environment and metro station. This, in turn, would foster interaction the fabric of the city by eliminating these socially isolated zones. Providing multi-modal transit interchanges would minimize modal transfer and ensure improved connectivity in the area.

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The Re-Development of Habibganj: Railway Station

Author: Anushree Parkhi
Site Location: M.P. Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Institute: RV College of Architecture, Bangalore
Advisor: Ar. Bikramjit Chakraborty


This project aims to understand the typology of a transit hub. The intent of the thesis project is to explore an integrative approach to design, bespoke to the site (Habibganj Railway Station, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal, India) while keeping sustainability and building performance as the key focus.

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MSRTC Bus Terminal at PCMC

Author: Shubham Ombhase
Site Location: Along the old Pune-Mumbai highway in Pimpri
Institute: Sir JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai
Advisor: Ar. Jayshree Chaudhary


The project showcases the designing of a bus terminal in the city of Pimpri-Chinchwad where development is boosting rapidly. The need of the project is to connect the city with all advanced transport systems such as BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System), metro, etc. via a multi-modal hub to make it easier for the public to shift between different modes of transport in order to save time and natural resources. There is a metro station adjacent to the site and central railway local station at 100-200m away which helps passengers to travel within the city and beyond. The current situation of the bus terminal is too poor there is a need to re-design considering the current scenario of the surroundings.

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