The Charles Correa Foundation (CCF) is an initiative of internationally renowned architect and urban planner Charles Correa. Correa started the Foundation to address the fact that many valuable ideas originated by citizens interested in improving their built environment do not see the light of day. There exist few support systems to provide the incubation period ideas need to be developed, and there is no clear path to gain the attention of a governmental or private implementing agency. Therefore, CCF acts as a catalyst for architectural, urban design, planning, and community-based projects that improve the condition of human settlements in India.

We believe in creating meaningful discourse within the community of architects and designers to influence positive change. CCF’s mandate is to identify ideas with potential, and process them into tangible, structured projects that can be pitched to the stakeholders and authorities. Over the span of seven years since its inception, the Foundation has worked on projects and ideas that aim to make significant impacts in the public realm. Our work follows an organic process that originates with identifying an issue or concern that has the potential to use a design intervention. Then, we meet with government and non-profit stakeholders, research the extent of the problem, and engage the public in implementing viable solutions for their communities.

Sharing walls with heritage houses in the precinct of Fontainhas, the Foundation studio occupies a small footprint in this historic area. Our office is part of the neighbourhood fabric and the Fontainhas community. Located on street level, CCF always has its doors open to anyone interested in engaging in our work.

All work undertaken by CCF is on a not-for-profit basis. The Charles Correa Foundation is constituted as a duly registered not-for-profit public charitable trust and has been exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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Aims and Objectives: 
To initiate and encourage architecture, urban design and community projects in the urban public realm.

To work for the betterment of the natural and built habitat, through instituting Fellowships that support, coordinate and direct the projects.

To organise field studies, seminars, lectures, conferences, symposia etc., needed for the abovementioned objectives.

To establish and maintain archives of drawings, designs, maps and literature in the field of architecture and the built environment, and make it accessible for the benefit of the citizens.

To publish journals, reports and other research papers and books with a view to disseminating information on architecture, urban and rural planning, low-cost shelters, habitats and other environmental and ecological issues.

To provide scholarships, prizes and other awards as support to students of architecture including Exchange Programmes and Academic Chairs for architecture and planning.

To carry on any activity to fulfil the objectives of this Foundation if, and only if, it can be termed as charitable as defined under Income Tax Act 1961 or any statutory modifications thereof and to use the income and the funds of the Foundation for the fulfilment of its objectives.


Shrinivas Vasudev Dempo, Dempo Group  

Monika Correa, Tapestry Weaver
Rahul Deshpande, Civil Engineer
Christopher Heredia, Executive Director, (Retd) Ceat Ltd.    
Nasser-Eddin Mukhtar Munjee, Chairman, DCB Bank
Dr. Oscar F. Rebello, Consultant Physician
Arminio Ribeiro, Architect    
Sanjit Rodrigues, Managing Director, GWMC

Nondita Correa Mehrotra, Architect

Sachin Agshikar, Architect
Pankaj Joshi, Architect; Director, Urban Design Research Institute
Rahul Mehrotra, Architect; Professor, Harvard University
Ruturaj Parikh, Architect
Amit Sukhtankar, Architect

Convenor: Vanessa De Sa
2018-2019 Fellows: Anjanaa Devi Srikanth, Abhijeet Karwa
Administrator: Freda Coutinho e D’Souza


2014-2016: Ruturaj Parikh
2011-2013: Arminio Ribeiro

Senior Fellow
2016-2017: Saritha Sudhakaran
2015-2016: Preethi Sudharsha
2013-2014: Bhavana Hameed
2011-2013: Vignesh Prasad

2017-2018: Vaishali Joshi, Malhar Chawada
2016-2017: Arushi Chitrao, Ankush Chandran
2015-2016: Ankit Kumar, Anubhuti Chandna
2014-2015: Nitesh Kumar, Saniya Khan
2013-2014: Anandit Sachdev, Rochelle Santimano, Rhea D’souza, Golda Pereira
2012-2013: Maria Gutierrez Pilar, K.L. Charanya
2011-2012: Saloni Parekh, Kanika Jamdar


Charles Correa Foundation
Education, Research & Development on Human Settlements

169, St. Sebastian Chapel Road, Fontainhas
Panaji, Goa 403001
+91 832 2220058
Visiting Hours:
10:00 am – 01:00 pm
By Appointment only



The institutions and individuals  who have been contributing to the activities at the foundation are:

  • The Correa Family
  • Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation
  • Hafele
  • Bombay City Policy Research Foundation
  • Rolex Institute
  • Poggenpohl
  • Goa Carbon Ltd
  • Raza Foundation
  • Mahindra Rise Trust
  • Aga Khan Award for Architecture
  • Fundacao Oriente