Nagari 2022

Over the last few decades, we have seen how rapid population growth, high densities, poverty and high differentials in access to housing, public services and infrastructure have led to an increase in vulnerability, especially in India’s urban centres.

Previous editions of Nagari have looked at the state of housing and the challenges of livelihood that exist within this rapid urbanisation. This year, Nagari will focus on a single idea of how stories in urban India are tied to water.


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One thought on “Nagari 2022

  1. Need of the hour is to slow down Climate Change. One of the method, perhaps the only effective one, is to slow down ‘run off’ of rain water to increase ‘percolation’ of rain water to the underground. With this aim the permission to develop or construct (IOD or COD or by whatever name) should be subject to:
    1. In areas where underground water is less, subject to construction of rain harvesting facility;
    2 in all areas, to keep a prescribed portion of the land area open and uncovered and unpaved.

    Further, desilt and deepen existing open water bodies including temple ponds, bathing ghats etc. and construct new water bodies in all public and goverment lands.

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