DWELL 2015

Dwell 15


An initiative of the Charles Correa Foundation, ‘DWELL’ is a workshop for architects, designers and students to charrette on ideas of mitigating increasing urban densities, especially in the context of housing and urban infrastructure. The workshop introduced the many social, economic, and cultural factors that shape urban life.

The 2015 Edition of ‘DWELL’ departed from the 2014 edition which addressed the idea of density and proposed to look at the city from the perspective of the ‘un-designed’ – the eclectic urban reality of India which includes a powerful parallel system that operates beyond the predictable.
DWELL also looked at ‘typology’ and ‘context’ as the framework for the organization of ideas on housing and urban living.

6 teams were created, where each team ideated on general and particular situations in 6 urban centres of varying scales, capacities, character, and climate. All ideas were documented and chronicled by the Charles Correa Foundation for further research and action.