Save Kala Academy

Click the image below to watch CCF’s press-conference and presentation held on Saturday, 14 May on the restoration of Kala Academy.

For information about Kala Academy, including coverage that has arisen around its proposed demolition and renovation, click the image below.

2 thoughts on “Save Kala Academy

  1. its our heritage, by demolishing we are disrespecting correa sir

  2. Disrespect of a person? No, a personal attack is not what it is.
    Kala Academy is a concept and the architecture includes, even defines the purpose and inspiration of the Academy. That a world renowned architect of Goa conceived the design is itself a part, inseparable, of the institution.
    These many dimensions need to be considered when disturbing the structure, even for maintenance and upkeep.
    To say Charles Correa was a routine designer engaged only to develop a structure, to obtain a TCP approval, is to deny the purposecand the character of the Academy.

    This is why architects and artists who are committed to this icon of Panaji city need to be associated. Routine maintenance, however competent, is sure to destroy the unity of its many aspects

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