DWELL 2014

Dwell 14 cover


DWELL 2014 aimed to examine the micro and macro issues of living and housing in super-dense urban conditions. The dialogue revolved around the design of a dwelling, its many contexts and the fundamental amenities that are critical to the success of a vibrant housing layer in any city.

DWELL also deliberated on ideas at both ends of a spectrum: at one end, it discussed issues of privacy, gender, use, comfort, and delight – the basics of a dwelling unit, while at the other end, it located all ideas within a specific typology and context. 6 teams ideated on the design of a unit in 6 urban centres of varying scales, capacities, character, and climate. This opened the discussion to a spectrum – from a need for densification to a limit of saturation.

The workshop saw a discussion among the team leaders and students on housing-related issues in different cities. Various perspectives of tackling the housing for densities were explored by different teams and were discussed and presented by the team leaders. Rahul Srivastava of URBZ and Dean D’Cruz of Mozaic were the jury members for the workshop.