This page is an archive of the Charles Correa Associates website, which was a practicing firm from 1958 to 2011. 

Charles Correa is one of the world’s leading architects. His work has been widely published in architectural journals and books, including the 1987 Mimar and the 1996 Thames & Hudson monographs devoted to his work. He has taught at universities both in India and abroad, including Harvard, Tulane and Washington University, and has been Sir Banister Fletcher Professor at the University of London, the Nehru Professor at Cambridge, England and the A. Farwell Bemis Professor at MIT.

In 1985 he was appointed Chairman of the National Commission on Urbanisation by the Prime Minister of India.

Correa has been awarded the Padma Shri by the President of India and an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Michigan. In 1984 he received the Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, in 1987 the Gold Medal of the Indian Institute of Architects, in 1990 the Gold Medal of the UIA (International Union of Architects), in 1994 the Præmium Imperiale of the Japan Art Association and in 1998 The Aga Khan Award for Architecture. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, the United Architects of the Philippines, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Finnish Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.



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