Surya Kund


The traditional kunds, generally located next to temples, are rectangular water ponds where the faithful come for ritual purification before entering the temple to worship. The sides of these kunds consist of geometric patterns of steps, surrounding this body of water.

The form of these kunds is derived from the vastu-purush-mandals, those ancient Vedic diagrams which conceived of Architecture as a model of the Cosmos. Like many other aspects of India, these diagrams metaphysical, specific and timeless.

The Surya Kund was designed for a futurologist who lives on a solar energy farm in Delhi (‘’Surya’’ in Sanskrit for the Sun), and who hosts think-tanks on various social and political issues concerning India. In that sense it is really a tank for thinking – and hopefully purifying! – oneself. Like its prototype, the Surya Kund is precisely oriented to the cardinal directions of the compass.