Mauritius is an Island of Paradise in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa. It has an evenly-distributed poly centric pattern of human settlements, not unlike Goa. The capital is Port Louis, and this office complex is situated at the intersection of two important streets in the crowded centre of the city. While the boundaries of the site are defined by the pergola above and its large supporting column, the building itself steps back in terraces, opening up precious space at this very busy street intersection – a gesture which creates an urban lanai, filled with the exotic flora of Mauritius.

Apart from the main entrance to the office floors, the programme called for two other important entrances, each one has its own identity. The first is for the office of the Consul General of India – to be entered from a doorway directly off the main driveway, with the Ashoka Column (symbol of the Government of India) directly above. The second is for the Life Insurance Corporation of India – which is on the first floor and reached via the bridge which stretches out to the pavement in front.