The new Vidhan Bhavan houses the many diverse functions crucial to a functioning democracy. The plan is a pattern of gardens within gardens, divided into 9 squares. The 5 central ones (along the 2 main axes are halls and courtyards, while the 4 corner positions are occupied by specialised functions: The Vidhan Sabha (Lower House), The Vidhan Parishad (Upper House), the combined Hall, and the library.

There are 3 main entrances: for the Public, for the VIP’s and for the MLA’s. These three streams, each separated from the others, experience the complex internal space of the building while moving along verandahs overlooking courtyards and gardens- as in the traditional architecture of India.

Because of its siting on the crest of a hill in the center of Bhopal, Vidhan Bhavan commands magnificent views of the city all around. Truly it is a celebration of the State of Madhya Pradesh, of its culture and its people- a veritable Palace of Democracy.