2005, unbuilt

This new office building in Delhi will house the headquarters of NOIDA, the governmental authority in charge of developing the area just across the Jamuna River from Delhi.

To deal with the harsh hot-dry climate of Delhi’s summer months, the glass surfaces are all set well within the built form, so as to protect them from the direct sun. Instead, they will bring in the bounce light after it has been filtered through the various pockets of gardens and pergola covered terraces that are placed along the external surfaces of the volume – with the result that the built form resembles a block of cheese, from which pieces gouged out with a sharp knife.

Pedestrians and cars arrive in the main plaza, overlooked by the surrounding terraces and gardens on the levels above. From here rises the ramp which takes visitors’ up into the heart of the building, where special locations have been assigned to those NOIDA departments that require independent access for the public.