‘Assam Art & Craft Village’, Guwahati

Author: Ankita Sen Deka Choudhury
Site Location: Guwahati, Assam
Institute: Manipal School of Architecture & Planning
Advisor: Dr. Vishal Chettry


Shilpanilaya, the Assam Art and Craft Village is a centre for the promotion of the indigenous arts and crafts of the state of Assam. The aim was to design training, exhibition, retail and recreational spaces that reflect the heritage and culture of the state while being responsive to the local climatic conditions. The chosen site is located in the suburbs of the city of Guwahati in close proximity to the national highway that allows easy access for artisans travelling from the various parts of the state. Seven major local crafts, viz. pottery, bell metal, wood carving, handloom, mask masking, jewellery, and cane & bamboo. The planning is inspired from the local settlement patterns while the forms and proportions are derived from the local architecture of the region. Further, spaces have been designed as a mix of enclosed and open areas as per the requirements of the various crafts considering the lighting and shading requirements.


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