Belaku – The Hampi Interpretation Center

Author: Harshit V Shastry
Site Location: Hampi, Karnataka
Institute: SJB School of Architecture & Planning, Bengaluru
Advisor: Ar. Sachin Shetty


The Genesis of an idea took place at the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the historic town of Hampi, Karnataka,India. The Ancient Capital of the Vijayanagara Empire that Hampi once was was renowned for its finesse and intricacy in multiple facets of engineering and design, in terms of Town Planning, Architectural Detailing and Sculpting. In recent times, the heritage structures within the historic site have been prone to desecration both by Natural and Manmade means. Thus, the Government of Karnataka and the Archaeological Survey of India under the guidance of UNESCO have come up with a proposal for an Interpretation Centre that can increase awareness and knowledge amongst people and prevent further desecration of heritage property.

From an Architectural point of view, Hampi provides abundant knowledge with respect to Cultural Nodes , Landmarks and the Series of Spatial Transitions between them, the Interplay between light, shadow and structure and how the combination of these features gives rise to a New Typology of Space making and an Ambience that deeply affects the psyche of the Viewer. The proposal for the Interpretation Centre positively opens up multiple possibilities to further explore these features and interpret them in a Modern Architectural Dialect.


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