Community Disaster Resilience and Social Advancement Centre – Majuli Island

Author: Shubham Vinayak Kambli
Site Location: Majuli Island,Assam
Institute: Pillai HOC College of Architecture, Rasayani (PiCA HOC)
Advisor: Prof. Jayant Sahasrabudhe


The project responds to the current climatic conditions faced by the people of Salmora Gaon, Majuli Island resulting in loss of occupation, there rich culture and shelter. Due to mismanagement many villagers especially the female population faces sanitation problems, many try to temporary shift towards the highland area were they are unable to serve their families. A step towards addressing these problems is providing the right platform and injecting the right program.

Thus a proposed architectural intervention away from the flood zone will act as a social agency not only provides a temporary shelter for the villagers to survive in flood but also a mean for the upliftment of the community by evolving the local construction techniques of Salmora gaon. The program born out of research needs of the community renders the proposal relevant, while acknowledging the need for it to be sustainable in every sense of the word. Meanwhile when there is no flood situation the centre will act as a bridge to connect the local people and the visitors to spread their culture which is slowly decreasing, to spread knowledge about their culture.


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