Flood Resilient Community – A prototype for Flood Prone Areas

Author: Aashita Thaker
Site Location: Dhubri district, Assam
Institute: SAL School of Architecture , Ahmedabad
Advisor: Ass. Prof Roma Almeida


Due to climate change, there are large number of disasters taking place in India. It faces recurring atmospheric phenomena like floods, heavy monsoon rains, cyclones, earthquakes, drought etc. These natural disasters take thousands of lives, cost millions of money, and result in loss of large number of lives.
Out of all these natural disasters in India, flood is one of the most affected and dangerous disaster. Assam having the Brahmaputra River with more than 50 numbers of tributaries causes the flood devastation in the monsoon period each year. Out of all the districts in Assam, Dhubri district has river Brahmaputra flowing through the centre of it and faces flood almost every year which adds to the vulnerability of people and building stocks.
The main aim is to create resilient house design by using different flood resilient strategies which can sustain itself in the situation of flood and can save lives of people during these difficult times and can ensure that the impacts of disaster are manageable and short-lived. The built community and houses are a prototype which can be repeated to flood prone areas and can sustain itself.
The built community and houses to become resilient, have to be climate responsive and rebound during the events of floods.


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