“Un Built Margao” Restorative Urban Landscape in the time of Climate Change

Author: Saurabh S Tubki
Site Location: Margao, Goa
Institute: Goa College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar Milind Ramani


Integrated natural and mechanical systems give shape to a vision of architecture as a scaffold that regenerates ecosystems and facilitates community empowerment.
In an answer to the age-old question of why our cities stagnate while their population and climate undergo rapid transformation, this project, began by challenging current urban planning models that prioritized the built over the unbuilt.
Our communities are drowning- economically & soon physically too. The project distills principles of environmental, social & economic sustainability for superior quality of life in the city. It envisions environmental sustainability in 2022, social sustainability by 2035, and economic sustainability by 2050.
The project proposes an urban park enveloping a high-rise system. Natural systems are integrated into a tower to create a holistic self-sustainable ecosystem- a tower of flux as a catalyst for change. The urban park offers recreational & learning facilities for the community. Biodiversity & natural water resources are carefully preserved on site, and the land is protected from haphazard horizontal urbanization.
This serves as a resilient model of urban planning, fostering a symbiotic relationship between people and nature, the present and the future.


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