Navodaya School of Tadipatri

Author: Mallangi Sai Kumar Reddy
Site Location: Bangalore
Institute: School of Architecture REVA University
Advisor: Dr Shubhi Sonal


Learning is the most important thing in school life. Learning depends on teaching and learning style. Every student in grades 6 through 12 is engaged in a passive learning style, which provides education but not knowledge. Different teaching methodologies are referred to as pedagogy.
The main idea of the project is that children have to learn from built space by using a combination of an active learning process guided by basic visual concepts of math and science through built spaces, demonstration spaces, and a (collaborative and liberationism) teaching style. And teaching style changes the design process.

The space changes with time change. As of now, I have created some theory concepts from the built space. In the future, the present student will make expo spaces as a demonstration for upcoming students. This chain keeps on repeating.


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