Selected Films

Bypassing Diaras

“Bypassing Diaras” attempts to discuss the systemic exclusion of the residents of Patna’s Diara (riverine Islands) from its urban planning.

Bombay Hotel

“Bombay Hotel” unfolds as a 12-year-old girl navigates through the uncertainty of potable water while living next to the city’s largest dumping site.


“Navadi” is a story of Ambi Navadi who is a boat rider and rescues people trapped in floods in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Moving Mountains

“Moving Mountains” aims to present social and ecological realities shaped by groundwater in Pune – a resource that largely remains invisible and mismanaged.

The Many Journeys of Water

“The Many Journeys of Water” is an exploration of the journey of water from fresh to black water and its link with the lives of three women desludging operators.

पानी का खेल (Waiting)

“पानी का खेल (Waiting)” is about the legal process of applying for a water connection in Mumbai by a resident of an informal settlement while looking at how it has strengthened his resolve to gain legitimacy.

The Bhavi Project

“The Bhavi Project” documents the transforming narrative of open wells in Bengaluru, through the lens of Vaddar Community.

শিলসাঁকোৰ উদং বুকু (Remember Xilxaku)

“শিলসাঁকোৰ উদং বুকু (Remember Xilxaku)” is about the ecosystem of the Xilxalu Beel, an important wetland in the city of Guwahati that has been completely destroyed to construct a park for the residents nearby.

ஓலம் (Wail)

“ஓலம் (Wail)” is a grandfather’s tale of nostalgic lament for the death of Kosasthalaiyar River & Ennore Creek.

The Chaviwallahs of Mumbai

“The Chaviwallahs of Mumbai” is about the politics around water distribution that exist in Mumbai at both micro and macro level and who or what factors control it. Who are the gatekeepers in an otherwise centralised water distribution system.

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