Devrai – New Context to Cityscape

Author: Pranav Kokare
Site Location: Aurangabad
Institute: Yashoda College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Shaunak Kadam


Devrai is a tradition in our societal culture that serves nature & society. It is the forest that functions as a social and environmental institution. Organizing & hosting, Societal & cultural events by providing collective intensions to the society, is the main medium for functioning of devrai as a social institution.    Belief system of Devrai & Its Disciplines –
The reason behind the sustainability of the devrai is that the devrai has its own ‘self sustaining belief system’. Conceptually it’s a set belief that states if we use devrai (the forest) as resources or if we hunt the animals in devrai then the deity will curse on individual or the village. In this concept fear is the main emotion that is been used.
This project is an attempt to make a new structure of devrai based on modern cultural context, carrying both functional aspects of traditional devrai.
The site is located in Aurangabad city and the project is based on the contextual needs of the
surrounding localities.
This project aims –
1. To resolve the community disputes from the city.
2. To conserve the native biodiversity in urban context.


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