Kallaripayattu Cultural & Rejuvenation Centre – Raigad, Maharashtra

Author: Nitiksha Mota
Site Location: Raigad, Maharashtra
Institute: Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Shalini Shrimali


In the heart of India’s cultural diversity, a unique project blends martial arts, Ayurveda, and meditation for holistic well-being. This endeavour creates a harmonious fusion of Kalarippayattu’s vitality, Ayurvedic healing, and mindfulness. The design meticulously choreographs comfort through natural ventilation, bridging tradition and innovation. Nestled in Asare village, the site’s natural beauty aligns with the project’s ethos. Courtyards, earth tunnels, and thoughtful materials contribute to the eco-friendly design. A rainwater garden and water conservation efforts enrich the village. Ultimately, the project seamlessly weaves together heritage and nature for a transformative experience.

Amidst the land where rivers flow,
A project’s tale begins to grow.
Harmonizing form and function’s grace,
Crafting thermal realms in nature’s embrace.

With sensitivity to land’s contour,
A vision that’s true, forevermore.
Materials chosen, both wise and old,
Stories of the past, they softly unfold.

Ventilation dances in nature’s hand,
A choreography of breezes, oh so grand.
No machines, just whispers of air,
In this mindful design, they all share.

A climate-responsive form takes flight,
Nurturing comfort from morning to night.
River nearby, respected in every glance,
A symbiotic relationship, they enhance.

Cleaner environment, a gift to bestow,
Where harmony and purpose eternally flow.
In this project’s embrace, nature and art,
A tapestry woven, a masterpiece’s start.


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