[Im]permanence in Architecture: A Case of Premabhai Hall

Author: Srivibhu Viraj
Site Location: Ahmedabad
Institute: L. S. Raheja School of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Mandar Parab


Nature as a medium has a lot to offer such as its course and ability to drastically transform. When dealing with the human psyche, the constant variations of behavioral reactions also are essential considerations to be made while designing for and in the Anthropocene. The noticed yet ignored dichotomy of permanence and impermanence in architecture dealing with dynamism in a context, when looked upon,
would enable us to form a better notion of space, place, and people and thus, to design for The Impermanence in Architecture.
People change, Context changes, Climate changes, then why cant architecture change from time to time to become relevant and sustain the changing times. The architecture of Impermanence is a pursuit to engage the user with something old and something new by employing potential factors of imagination, association, and relation. Thus, Perceiving design as a continual state transition that acts as a possible
alternative solution to the change.
The Case of Premabhai Hall is considered as a hypothetical understanding for this modular idea to be implemented in a context as dynamic as the old city of Ahmedabad – The Bhadra Plaza. To propose an alternative approach of design where the life of the building is mapped through a series of potential cultural shifts witnessed and interventions planned as responses for the building to stay relevant and for it to sustain the changing times and demands. Buildings as Beings and their response to Change and Changelessness as a phenomenon.


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