Vihaan – Integrated Oncology Centre & Research Institute

Author: Nerella Manoj Vamsi
Site Location: Odisha
Institute: Dept. of Planning & Architecture NIT – Calicut
Advisor: Dr. Chithra K


Envisioned as India’s premier oncology center and Asia’s fifth-largest, this project tackles the mounting challenge of cancer care by seamlessly integrating pioneering treatment, research, and education. With a resolute focus on delivering uncompromising care to patients while fostering multidisciplinary innovation, the center aims to alleviate the burgeoning cancer patient population. To counter environmental concerns, extensive green integration will serve as a natural pollutant filter, promoting clean air and local climate equilibrium.

The design ethos transcends convention by harmonizing indoor and outdoor spaces, offering multi-tiered recreational zones to encourage outdoor engagement and infusing nature as a healing element. Moreover, a commitment to sustainability is reflected through energy-efficient systems and passive design strategies that align with the local climate. By synergizing cutting-edge technologies, patient-centric realms, and sustainable elements, the design aspires to cultivate a therapeutic environment, enhancing patient experiences and catalyzing pioneering strides in cancer research.


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