The Labyrinth – Kinesthetics & Cultural Centre

Author: Anu Regi John
Site Location: Vagamon, Kerala
Institute: DC School of Architecture & Design
Advisor: Ar. Gayathri Raj



To design a dance district, a space that is dedicated to the power of movement and healing. To focus on the change the healing power of movement can bring to the lives of those not able and to make it possible for anyone and everyone to teach and learn dance without any barrier, to abolish the discriminations and presumptions relating to dance.


1. To Provide a better life to those suffering from different physical and psychological issues through Dance/movement therapy.

2. To establish a centre for every form of dance whether Indian or International.

3. To provide a space for all dancers irrespective of their age, gender, colour, caste, style, physical conditions etc…

4. To give a new definition to dance as an industry and a career, raising its standard in the society.


1. This project covers the teaching and learning of all known and feasible forms of dances in India, from Indian classical and traditional forms to International dances on a single platform.

2. Dance education for the differently abled.

3. Dance education for all ages.

4. Promote tourism and international growth in the field of dance


1. The project is limited to the teaching, learning and display of dances that are currently in the growth phase within the country such as Hip Hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Ballet, Bachata etc..

2. The project considers Dance forms alone.


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