Smriti – Reminisce of a Memory – Dementia village

Author: Vibha G Rao
Site Location: Bengaluru
Institute: SJB School of Architecture & Planning
Advisor: Ar. Shreya Shetty


Memories, emotions, and spaces are all interconnected in our lives. But what about the person whose memory is fading and therefore finds it uncomfortable to live in an environment that is not conducive to them? This is true for people with dementia.

Architecture can play an important role in the lives of people with dementia. The design of buildings and spaces can enable or hinder our ability to navigate, communicate and engage with our environment.

So, there are other ways to create an environment for them and protect their dignity by showing the spectrum of designed spaces beyond the physical realm. Project focused on studying the impact of dementia-friendly architecture to create a supportive and empowering environment for people with dementia so that they can live with dignity and independence for as long as possible.

Design includes:

• Giving people with dementia a sense of community

• Maintaining quality of life in progressive dementia

Environmental cues that highlight different spaces.

• Flexible design features that facilitate individual lifestyle continuity, facilitate memory, allow for changes in people’s needs and reactions.

• Different settings and features of interest

• Discreet security features that support freedom while reducing risk to a level acceptable to employees and families.


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