The Hanging Streets (Student Housing in Ahmedabad)

Author: Krutik Parekh
Site Location: Ahmedabad
Institute: ITM – School of Architecture, Art and Design
Advisor: Prof. Babar Yahya


Education plays a very important role in our country. From past few years, the education sector is growing rapidly. Because of that many cities are becoming Educational Hubs of India.
In Gujarat, Ahmedabad is becoming one of the best education centres which increases the demand of quality accommodation for migrating students.
To fulfil the demand [Ahmedabad Education Society], which is an academic trust in Ahmedabad, has planned to build housing for 9000 students on the 1,95,000 sqm. Land, in which 20,000 sqm. area was chosen for the design of phase one development.
This thesis aims to design the flexible housing system which has the potential of expansion as per the site conditions with the essence of old Ahmedabad streets that helps to build strong student communities. Also delivers simple design steps that make the building rooted at the place and responsive towards the climate of Ahmedabad with the structural experimentation.


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