From no where to now here (Efficient use of C&D waste)

Author: Mohd. Fauzan Glasswala
Site Location: Mumbai
Institute: Rizvi College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Fatema Master


Massive urbanization has triggered extensive development and redevelopment, encouraging the construction, reconstruction, and demolition of numerous built structures and affecting the occupants of those structures. Consequently, this has resulted in a large amount of waste generation, the extensive use of natural resources, and the creation of pollution that poses a negative impact on the environment.
The thesis “FROM NO WHERE TO NOW HERE” comprehensively explores the environmental impact of current construction practices, proposing alternatives for a carbon-free, waste-free future. It culminates in a proposal to construct Mori Public School in Mahim using eco-friendly techniques, minimizing environmental impact during construction, demolition, and occupancy. This initiative serves as a case study, prototype, and module, championing sustainable alternatives in architecture.
The project draws insights from literature and case studies to outline a sustainable design framework with guidelines and a material inventory, embracing an integrated approach. The framework’s application in designing Mahim Mori Road Municipal School is detailed in the provided content.
The ultimate goal is to nurture a carbon-free, ecologically sound environment, ensuring enduring ecological well-being.


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