Walkway of Experience (Interpretation Center), Hampi, Karnataka

Author: P V Ramyasree Putangunta
Site Location: Hampi, Karnataka
Institute: CMR University School of Architecture
Advisor: Ass. Prof. Minu Zacharia


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site and its ruins are spread across 4100 hectares across the region. The project intervention area is situated at the edge of Kamalapur village almost at the entry to the Hampi heritage zone and hence intends to act as gateway catering to both the visitors and locals alike. The project attempts to celebrate the identity of the place, which includes topography, activity of the people, characteristics of existing structures, and porosity of natural vs man made fabric. Thereby it becomes a landscape of built form that is grounded to the earth and rising from it to merge with the terrain of HAMPI. It becomes a subtle gesture of memory of the built, unbuilt, the tangible, intangible experience of what Hampi in its glory stood for. The traces of memory the place holds to the locals is maintained at the same time the project tries to give an insight into the values of our history to visitors with a modernistic approach.


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