Meta School

Author: Suraj Sanikatta
Site Location: Bengaluru
Institute: Nitte Institute of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Amrit Narkar


The cities are expanding for accommodating demands. Institutions are established for
the functioning of these cities. It becomes important to use land as a resource optimally
as in the process of expansion we are depleting nature’s footprint in the peripheries of
the cities and compromising on the green footprint inside it.
Institutions occupy a lot of space but only operate for around 8 hours, leaving it unused
for 2/3rd of the day. The attempt of this project is to do programmatic interventions to
these institutions and house other upcoming institutions instead of making new
campuses thus generate new purpose to the space for remaining hours supporting the
core institution.
The design allows the space to transform according to the intended purpose while
fostering a learning environment that blends the tones of climate, sustenance and its
stakeholders. Thus, directing its vision towards reduced carbon footprint and a lighter
burden on the environment.
Reprogramming and designing of the institutions can significantly optimize the use of
land in future city designs.


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