Hob – Box Hobby Cultivation Hub in Neighborhood

Author: Naman Shroff
Site Location: Kolkata
Institute: Amity School of Architecture and Planning
Advisor: Prof. Adityadip Chowdhury


In the Digital Age, where basic needs are easily met and alternative job opportunities are abundant, relying solely on work for fulfilment and contentment is insufficient. The accessibility of information and technology has led to a decline in the quality of life outside of work hours, indicating a neglect of mental well-being. Consequently, individuals seek escapism and mindless entertainment as a means of respite from work pressures. However, this does not indicate a lack of passion or interest, but rather a need for supportive urban infrastructure that encourages hobbies and passionate pursuits. Urban environments with high living costs pose challenges in allocating resources towards activities like arts, sports, or music.

This project addresses the lack of accessible and available neighbourhood infrastructures for pursuing personal interests and hobbies in Newtown Kolkata, a satellite city, that caters to diverse hobbies. It draws inspiration from the personal journeys of individuals who have faced constraints, such as limited space, while pursuing their diverse range of hobbies and passions. The area is dominated by multi-story apartment buildings and single-family houses. The sparse apartment carpet areas limit the users’ passionate pursuits and therefore becomes an inevitable challenge for them. The project seeks to uncover narratives and propose solutions embedded within the fabric of the neighbourhood to foster a supportive ecosystem for hobbies and enhance the overall well-being of its residents.

The proposal focuses on developing modular community hubs as inclusive and vibrant spaces that cater to a wide variety of interests. The project blends sustainable principles with prefabricated construction methodologies by utilizing modular design approach to provide flexible venues for creativity and self-expression. Strategic placement of these hubs encourages social interaction and knowledge exchange among residents with varied hobbies and interests.


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