Reimagining the Urban – A Bird’s Eye Perspective

Author: Anushri Joshi
Site Location: Mumbai
Institute: Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. George Jacob


Over the years, the concept of climate has developed broader connotations with global phenomena like climate change and crisis becoming topical issues of the Anthropocene. The idea of deriving comfort by designing a singular structure is becoming a myopic activity as it can no longer be viewed in isolation and is an entity that gets affected by and is a part of larger systems, forms and dependencies.
The idea of creating a comfortable space thus needs to negotiate larger thresholds while also stepping beyond the frame of the ‘human’.
The thesis chooses to focus on a dense urban swatch in Mumbai – the Dadar kabutarkhana area- as a template for demonstration of how the architectural form can start responding to the local and global climatic forces in conjunction with the economic, socio-cultural forces to sustain and forge relationships and create livable environments. The significance of biodiversity as a tool for climate resilience has been well-established and is thus, the main focus here. The building is imagined as a template for the neighbourhood that triggers morphing of the form of the city to respond to the topical issues broached by climate, thus enhancing overall livability and rendering the interpretation of the idea of ‘form follows climate’ extremely relevant for the current times.


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