Centre for Culture, Thrissur

Author: Neeraj Rajeev
Site Location: Thrissur, Kerala
Institute: Nitte School Of Architecture Planning and Design
Advisor: Prof. Malini C.H.


The Center for Culture is an attempt at making a singular destination for anyone practicing or interested in the cultural arts. The project aims to service artist, performers, tourists and enthusiasts. This is achieved through an array for inter related exhibition, performance and learning spaces incorporating the local climatic considerations.
The final design takes inspiration from studies performed as well as the local architecture of Thrissur. The design provides spaces that cater to various stakeholders through Museum, Workshops, Private studios and Artist’s private spaces, indoor and outdoor performance spaces, markets, restaurant, café and outdoor areas while satisfying necessary services required by each individual functional space. The structure incorporates multiple climate control aspects to keep the building cool due to Kerala’s hot and humid climate. The structure incorporates jaalis into its facade to allow for seamless air movement. Jaalis have been placed on two parallel faces of the building to allow cross ventilation. The clay tile roof is placed on a steel frame that acts as ventilation system. The framework allows for warm air to escape as well as allows cross ventilation. The framework is dotted with a shutter system that can be controlled based on need.


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