Re-Instate – Rehabilitation in Mined Coastal Areas

Author: Utkarsha Mali
Site Location: Panmana, Kerala
Institute: Rachna Sansad’s Academy of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Yagnik Bathija


The coast of Kerala between Chavara and Alappad has long has decade long stories of peoples’ struggle for survival against mining companies. The stretch of land in Kerala called Panmana is the part where extensive beach sand mining happens. because of coastal sand mining the land has been prone to erosion and hence consequences can be seen in the form of frequent tidal attacks and displacements. there are lots of issues with rehabilitation as well as it relocates fishermen away from coast hence their livelihood gets affected. the thesis focuses on rehabilitation of people that are getting displaced in mined areas. The site chosen is Ponmana, a ward in Panmana village which is the southern part of Alappad village where mining has been stopped and the land has been abandoned. utilising that land again in order to negotiate between nature and human needs is the core design intent.


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