Mangroves Conservation Centre & Eco Park- Panju Island

Author: Maitreyee Samant
Site Location: Panju Island, Mumbai
Institute: VIVA School of Architecture, Virar
Advisor: Ar. Farozan Ansari


Mangrove and its Ecosystem
Mangroves are salt-tolerant evergreen forests, found in the intertidal zones of sheltered shores, estuaries, tidal creeks, backwaters, lagoons, marshes and mudflats of the tropical and subtropical latitudes. Mangroves are of great ecological importance and socio-economic significance as a hub for tropical marine biotope.
Aim: To develop a Conservation Centre resonating the ideology of an additional buffer, creating a connection between the mangroves and the people, while protecting the nature and the wildlife around and within the water, also providing various facilities of wetland activities which can make the space connected and enjoyable to the user.
This project arises from the issues of cutting the mangroves for the development, infrastructural, bridges, seaways, etc. So, the need for building such Conservation Centres which is beneficial for the Environment and let people understanding the importance of mangroves within the Ecosystem; with the spaces evolving and exploring the centre with respect to the mangroves activities and their characteristics features which attracts the users for conducting counselling, workshops and seminars, so that they educate the society and their self too.


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