Sundarband Integrated Research Centre- Jharkhali, WB

Author: Abbas J A
Site Location: Jharkhali, West Bengal
Institute: BMS College of Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Mamatha P Raj, Dr. Dakshayini R Patil, Dr. Leena T


This project looks to address climate change by addressing the deterioration of the mangrove forests, chiefly the Sundarbans mangrove forests located in India and Bangladesh. The Sundarbans forest ecosystems trap a lot of carbon in the form of biomass within their roots. This carbon is expelled into the air when the forests deteriorate. To combat this expulsion of carbon and to safeguard the diverse ecosystems that the Sundarbans are home to, various Government and Non-Government bodies have launched restoration drives.
These are often unsustainable as they require continuous monitoring and intervention. It is hard for outsiders to do this, though, as they have no direct connection to the land and are often only temporary volunteers. Thus the
assistance of the indigenous people is required. However, the indigenous people of the Sundarbans are unable to participate in these activities as they face frequent habitat displacement due to various factors. Thus to link these missing connections, a center is proposed for the combined action of upliftment of indigenous people, research & development of restoration activities, and lodging for volunteers and researchers. This center would link all these user groups and provide a prototype base camp for the country’s efforts to protect its sensitive ecosystems.
In effect, it is an integration of a Laboratory, Aquaculture facility, Community Welfare Facility, and Volunteer Boarding Facility.


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