Architectural Response to Resilient Landscape

Author: Ritik Jain
Site Location: Chennai
Institute: IES College of Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Prachi Nandkarni


The design proposal for the Foreshore Estate, Chennai residential neighbourhood showcases a sophisticated and thoughtful urban development approach. Rooted in the site’s natural topography, the concept elegantly integrates surface runoff considerations, exemplifying a strong grasp of sustainable design principles within the contextual framework. At its core, the design revolves around four pivotal landscape principles: delay, store, protect, and recharge. This strategic focus on water management and flood resilience underscores a commitment to both environmental and practical concerns. The innovative clustering strategy, based around sunken courtyards and communal spaces, not only cultivates a profound sense of community but also ingeniously transforms into water storage facilities during flood occurrences. Shared landscape spaces take precedence over private gardens, fostering an inclusive and vibrant communal atmosphere. The arrangement of landscape clusters interwoven with diverse amenities like urban farms, sports facilities, and age-tailored
play areas mirrors a comprehensive approach catering to a wide range of resident needs.
Remarkably, the housing typology explores low-rise, high-density living, manifesting as five-level residences with a mix of private gardens, patios, and terraces. This architectural diversity enriches the visual landscape while providing residents with multifaceted outdoor spaces for leisure and social interaction.
The integration of landscape and architectural strategies attests to a meticulous design ethos, as evidenced by the intricate consideration of site setbacks and spatial relationships. In summation, the proposal exudes a professional demeanour, seamlessly aligning with contemporary urban design paradigms. Through its holistic melding of site-specific attributes, sustainability imperatives, and community oriented features, it lays a robust foundation for an all-encompassing, dynamic, and resilient residential enclave.


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