HAVELI- Habitat of Audio Visualizing and Experiencing the Legacy of Inhabitants

Author: Kshruti Shukla
Site Location: Jaipur
Institute: Aayojan School of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Archana Singh


This project aims to counter museum fatigue by understanding its sources and evaluating remedies. It provides a novel approach to interpreting history, emphasizing the contemporary importance of cultural learning and exchange in today’s influential cultural landscape. Incorporating cutting-edge technology to enrich the museum experience is pivotal, given its role as a conduit for this evolution.

To assess the spatial layout of intelligent museums using digital advancements, the project seeks effective strategies for fully harnessing their potential. Aligned with Jaipur’s ambition to nurture creativity and honour its heritage, the project embodies the forward-looking spirit of its founder, Sawai Jai Singh II. Through leveraging its cultural legacy, Jaipur aspires to advance into a forward-looking city, offering a living heritage that seamlessly integrates past and contemporary arts and culture.

Named “HAVELI,” this habitat of audio-visualized legacy immersion captures this essence. Rooted in tradition yet guided by innovation, it creates a microcosm enabling an authentic experience of the city’s essence. The project’s meticulous design harmonizes with the site’s context, echoing the architectural brilliance it houses. The space engages boldly yet serenely, probing the enigma of human existence while blending seamlessly with its surroundings, effectively tackling urban challenges.


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