Gram Udyog Kendra- A Rural Facilitation Centre

Author: Himanshu Lad
Site Location: Wardha, Maharasthra
Institute: Bharati Vidyapeeth CoA
Advisor: Ar. Milind Bidave


Farmers are dependent on nature. When a farmer is totally relying on agriculture, he covers almost all the prime and even secondary land with it. Thus, the farming family becomes dependent on the market for profits and revenue to sustain their family. Depleting groundwater levels, pest attacks, and mounting debts have made farmers’ lives in Vidarbha notoriously difficult. Because of the failure in agriculture, total dependency on agriculture for income, and due to various reasons, farmers often take loans from private money lenders and land in a debt trap. In order to be completely independent of agriculture, we need a settlement, a model that allows us to carry outside trades.
There is a need for a rural facilitation venter, where small-scale industrial activities could be carried out where the goal would be to make the sale of the commodities to the open market. Through this model, the income of the farmers would not be streamlined but of a multisource nature. Being self-sufficient (at the individual or even village level) and increasing the value of crops will help solve Vidarbha’s agricultural crisis. There are numerous business activities that are practiced rurally on a small scale which if practiced in substantial numbers could generate revenue that can stabilize farmer families’ economies. ‘Value addition to the farmer’s yield’ could be an answer for the negative tag Vidarbha has got for agriculture.
The intent of the project is to provide a physical space for the farmer families of the villages of Vidarbha, where they could come together and practice rural-level industrial activities so that the farmers do not have to depend on agriculture as their main source of income.


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