UGGAHA | Triggers of Change

Author: Dia Vohra
Site Location: Rajgir, Bihar
Institute: R V College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Anup Naik, Ar. Meeta Jain, Ar. Mehul Patel, Ar. Nagaraj Vastarey, Ar. U Seema Maiya


Rajgir faces rapid urbanization, driven by large institutions, but locals struggle to adapt. Bihar’s low employment and literacy rates, especially among women and children. When the men of the family leave for seasonal work and they are left behind in the villages. In this context, our proposed Rural School Module aims to create a more inclusive educational environment by introducing a unique mother-and-child learning program. This program is designed to enhance local women’s learning and skill-building opportunities while engaging them in their children’s education. Building a community through exploring different modules of Learn Spaces, Learning through Play, Nature, and Community. Building a sustainable center that allows the village to rebuild and add to the nearby villages. While using locally available materials by local labor to help the locals enhance the skill of earth, bamboo, and stone found in and around the site. The response to the climate conditions and the change of seasons to the change of spaces found in the school increases the change and variation of learning spaces. Architecture is a canvas of knowledge and growth, that allows the local community to come together and build learn and innovate.


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