The Art of Playful Learning

Author: Sahadbin Abdul Latheef
Site Location: Kozhikode, Kerala
Institute: Avani Institute of Design
Advisor: Prof. Sam Charles


This thesis explores the profound influence of architectural design on young minds (3yrs – 10yrs old), concentrating on primary school children within Kattangal’s Spring Valley School. The project envisions an alluring preschool section, seamlessly melding contemporary concepts with the existing structure. The primary objectives encompass the promotion of children’s well-being, the harmonious fusion of old and new divisions, and the establishment of a strong connection between learning spaces and the surrounding natural environment that encourages learning through play. The research methodology involves comprehensive community engagement, site analysis, and scholarly investigations.
The core design concept involves the strategic vertical stacking of architectural masses, incorporating discreet service spaces. This approach facilitates unimpeded mobility and ample recreational zones, addressing potential congestion concerns. The material palette, tailored to climatic considerations and ease of construction, adds a distinctive touch to the project’s practicality. Also, the child-centric interior design, evoking a playful realm, conceals technical complexities.
Capitalising on the site’s favourable physical attributes and Kattangal, Kerala, India’s culturally diverse and engaged community, the project endeavours to cultivate a dynamic and inviting learning environment. The end result aspires to holistically nurture young minds through inventive spatial configurations, that accommodate climatic variations while embracing the locality’s vibrant social fabric.


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