INNOVATIONINTRADITION-Rural Livelihood Creation in Handicraft Sector of Thar

Author: Darshan Sukhadiya
Site Location: Thar, Rajasthan
Institute: Institute of Design, Planning & Technology (IDPT)-SCET
Advisor: Prof. Saloni Shah


Craft has a profound impact on society by shaping cultural values, stimulating economic growth, fostering creativity, promoting social harmony, and introducing community identity.

As time changes, the appreciation and preservation of traditional crafts hold a special significance. As contemporary society seeks to reconnect with its cultural roots while embracing modernity, redefining the importance of traditional crafts became a captivating endeavour. It involves the delicate balance of honouring timeless techniques, cultural heritage, and artistic expression while infusing these crafts with a fresh and relevant appeal that resonates with the tastes and sensibilities of today.

Traditional crafts are not relics of the past, they are living traditions with rich stories and craftsmanship. Thus, this project reimagines their value for contemporary society. It attempts to bridge the gap between the past and the present, uniting generations and cultures under the banner of creativity and innovation.

The project examines native handicraft groups and the role of craft in their day-to-day life. It critiques the nature of the existing craft networks and their interdependency and attempts to rethink rural infrastructure by looking at planning methods, using conventional beliefs that can provide a socio-ecological manner of creating an environment – Using the local knowledge to make architecture as a catalyst for managing traditional knowledge within the present.

It invites craftsmen to explore the boundless possibilities of blending old and new.

This proposal understands the existing complexities and challenges and works towards an integrated solution. By looking at the craft community as a reflection of a combination of events, activities, and thought objects, this project aims to celebrate the craft by amalgamating innovation with tradition.


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