Coexistence of Human- Wild at Merger of Urban and Wild

Author: Deep S. Nahar
Site Location: Versova, Maharashtra
Institute: Aditya college of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Rita Nayak.


Taking a look at the proposal for Eco-centric research, awareness center and museum is for 400 people daily visitors. The center focuses not only the treatment of leopards but also on the overall development how human and leopard coexistence can be maximize at and around the periphery of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The leopard research center is dedicated to wildlife biologist, leopard researchers, veterinarian etc. and awareness center to create awareness to local people how to deal with leopards, precautions to be taken to avoid conflict with leopards.

The spaces are shaped in accordance with the existing trees on the site and reflect the topography’s slope, which does not rest on the ground and allowing the natural life of the soil and the creatures to continue. Bamboo architecture has been employed because the location is in a forest zone and will assist the project become a sustainable and ecofriendly building. The Design’s Form is inspired by a phenomenon in nature known as “The crown shyness,” in which trees avoid touching one another in order to let the other live while maintaining their own lives.


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