Abhudaya Centre “Socio-cultural Hub” in Abhaneri “Heritage Village”

Author: Shivam Singh
Site Location: Dausa, Rajasthan
Institute: Chandigarh College of Architecture
Advisor: Prof. Sujay Sengupta


A nation’s cultural heritage and natural history are precious and unique. The value of cultural heritage isn’t in cultural manifestation itself. But in the wealth of experience and skills passed down from generation to generation. Abhaneri village near Jaipur has a great diversity of craftsmanship and broad culture which is disappearing as the country is heading towards development. The purpose is to provide a platform for the people to show their skills and spread their knowledge of culture and craftsmanship. A museum that will preserve the remains of Harshad Mata temple which is presently kept inside Chand Baori and other historical elements that represent the people and their culture. Rejuvenation of water level in Abhaneri village by our site.


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