The Climate Museum – Experiencing the Emotions of Planet Earth

Author: Pritesh Jain
Site Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Institute: Marathwada Insitute of Technology (MIT)
Advisor: Ar. Pranita Pranjale


“Architectural Design should permute climate salvation to human solidarity”

Climate disruption is an emergency and collective accountability, that must be responded to accordingly. A solution to climate change requires long-term planning.

Climate Museum is proposed for the relevant, dynamic experience of climate variability and the earth’s emotions. Design mitigates climate change as adaptive and retrofits the existing topography. The inner character of the building; to see, observe and experience the global change is reflected in its outer appearance.

The proposed design is hatched beyond aesthetic elements of sophisticated complexity, design stands out for experiencing spaces and what climate change offers us in an intangible way. Museum is designed in consideration with the climate context of Pune city. Five galleries are tendered to portray major effects of climate change. Nature’s Womb illustrates the importance of trees. Tunnel Of Pollution escapades the industrial revolution and its adverse effects. The Green Water set forth emotions of an unbalanced aqua ecosystem. The Desert delineates desertification and exhibits its sequel, land without soul. Melting Hall exhibits glacier melting due to global warming.

The aim of Museum is to array seriousness of climate change and its effects, from awareness of the present to the future.


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