Reviving Fabric of Empowerment – Khadi Weaving Village at Jalgaon

Author: Pradnya Mahajan
Site Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Institute: Singhad College of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Kavita Patil


The proposal focuses on resolving  the crisis in Khadi weaving industry by providing empowerment sources to the weavers to generate economical opportunities. Site is located in Jalgaon, comes under one of the extreme hot and dry climatic region of Khandesh in Maharashtra. It will be an Iconic Identity of the city with exploration of various passive strategies to deal with the climatic conditions of the place. It aims to analyze the weavers issues and providing a robust platform to Khadi weavers who weave for their livelihood in rural area. Project is envisioned as  khadi weaving village with extensive facilities for promoting khadi as empowerment source for weavers and adopting these Khadi fabric crafts to preserve Rich Textile Heritage of India. the proposal comes with number of innovative strategies exploring the applications of traditional building practices and climate responsive strategies gives the thought to climate  responsiveness in hot and dry  region. 

Spatial planning thought is given to spaces and clusters that goes and accessed by central axis and spaces that are grouped by proximity  reflecting path space relationship by adding functional  spaces between built forms. Integrating the flexible paths that leads to floating platforms for creating Microclimatic spaces merged with nature surrounded by the spaces based on Village layout concept.


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