River Responsive Stories – Communal Engagement

Author: Abhishek Hegde
Site Location: Panvel, Maharashtra
Institute: Pillai College Of Architecture, Navi Mumbai (PiCA)
Advisor: Prof. Swapna Ghatge


The primary goal of this dissertation is to comprehend river deterioration awareness.

Water is continuously changing states, traversing borders, and feeding (and killing) life. This project also conducts a poll to determine the level of knowledge among those who use rivers and inadvertently degrade them.

By recreating the Babughat, the project aims to establish a link between permanence and ephemerality, re-allocating activities and enhancing the ephemeral nature of space on the ghats of Kolkata. On the other hand, as an extension to this ephemeral nature, creating permanence with enhanced temporality.

In addition to that, the project also focusses on incorporating the element of belief that the people of Kolkata majorly have by attempting to uplift the Kumortuli’s idol making community and develop a very interesting relationship between users and their beliefs. Kolkata being the cultural capital of India, to depict and experience culture, one major principle of landscape urbanism is taken into consideration, where the cultural corridor enables every user to witness the traditionality and get themselves well versed with the vibrancy that every placemaking element has to offer.


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