Intuitive Architecture for Flooding

Author: Shangary S
Site Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Institute: C.A.R.E School of Architecture (CARE)
Advisor: Balaji Rajasekaran


Flooding has become one of the seasons for the last few years. During that period the livelihood, health, wealth, work, and routine of the people get affected completely. It takes time to become physically, financially and mentally normal again., My thesis is an attempt to re-imagine the public infrastructure to be more efficient during normal days and serve better to the local community during a kinetic situation like flooding. Through this, the public infrastructure helps the community by rescuing and accommodating for a period of time till the situation becomes normal. For People to continue making a living after a flood with adequate access to food, water and energy – the things that enable communities to think beyond immediate survival. My thesis also explores responding to people’s day-to-day changing activities which varies in different climatic seasons. The module/pods act as markets, eateries, shops etc., On normal days and during a flood, it rescues people. The pods can also be reconfigurable to a living unit during a flood. The land use, ground cover and density keep changing based on the people’s activity at a particular time and the play of pods responds to the duration of activity & people and based on the climatic season.


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