Public Library Complex & Digital Hub, Rohini, New Delhi

Author: Shivam Rawat
Site Location: Delhi
Institute: University School of Planning and Architecture, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (USAP)
Advisor: Dr. Neeraja Lugani Sethi


In today’s time with the emergence of the Internet and digitalization of the books and information, this has enormously influenced the manner in which we consume information. With the developments of new methods and types of media, the traditional role of a public library is to question. The significance of the physical collection within a certain environment versus a quick Internet search at any given point of time within any environment, questions the sustainability of a public library and the resources it offers.

This project proposes a new typology for a public space – re-imagining the existing image of Public Libraries in the social realm and mixing it with collaborative co working spaces help to develop active and lively spaces in the community making it a 24×7 lively space.

The infinite loop gives a seamless experience to the user by interconnection of varied spaces, blurring the difference between the exterior and interior surroundings.
The design is developed on the basis of the Activity Analysis Mapping which was conducted on the site and ensuring that the most interesting and dominant footfall section of the Site catches onto the most interesting functions and views and increase the utilization of this project.


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