Livability for all, exploring aspects of community & climate in Shinde Vasti, Pune

Author: Shruti Shrivastava
Site Location: Pune
Institute: Dr. B.N. College of Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Chetan Sahasrabuddhe


Livability could be defined as the degree to which a community is suitable for living, which is rather subjective. However, certain components and qualities are universally acknowledged as vital for making the community more livable. Better homes, streets, roads, infrastructural amenities, and other visible aspects are necessary for a livable society, but intangible factors such as a sense of security, happiness, satisfaction, a sense of community, togetherness, and family are also crucial. All of the characteristics that informal communities like Shinde Vasti-Pune already have.
Together in a typical scenario, a slum redevelopment project compromises the intangible qualities of such communities all the while providing poor quality infrastructure and poor homes in the name of development, thereby losing the positive aspects of community and climate; however, does this have to be the case?
This plan aspires to develop this informal community by conserving and enhancing the key elements, both tangible and intangible while putting Community and Climate at the forefront.


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