Weave with water – The story of Vypin

Author: Riya Georgie
Site Location: Vypin, Kerala
Institute: SMEF’s Brick School of Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Vaidehi Lavand


Since 2018 tidal flooding has become a silent disaster that’s been eating into the Vypin communities and their livelihood,

A disaster that only effects the poor vulnerable section of society, and no one is willing to pause or stop their life for a disaster they can just run away from.

-Sreeja, Research Director at Equinoct

And so, I shine a new light onto the alarm-struck water edges by creating a harmonious interface between nature & man and water & land in Edavanakad, which is home to a small fishermen community.

Keeping ecology, economy and living, as the base requirements and developing them through flood resilience measures as well as climate strategies that work together to provide the optimal solution.

You see the entire community coming together, rebuilding its roots step by step, to bring in resilience and economic stability for the greater good of preserving the essence of the fishing community and lifestyle.

The case of Edavanakad will stand as a strong example, of how using architecture as a catalyst we can actively promote the beauty of communal living whilst strengthening and encouraging a new symbiotic lifestyle.


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