Chrysalis – The Start-Up Incubator

Author: Bharath S.
Site Location: Nandambakkam village, Tamil Nadu
Institute: Mohamed Sathak A.J. Academy of Architecture
Advisor: Ar. Pallavi Damodara


In the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a thriving hub with a remarkable ecosystem of startup incubators. These incubators, spread throughout the state, nurture emerging entrepreneurs by offering vital resources, mentorship, and an enabling environment to realize their visions.

Tamil Nadu’s rich heritage and industrious ethos have driven a significant rise in entrepreneurship. Acknowledging startups’ crucial contribution to economic growth, government, academia, industry, and private sector have actively nurtured a broad incubator network, fostering innovation and guiding startups to triumph.

These incubators cultivate vibrant ecosystems that promote collaboration, mentorship, and knowledge sharing. Offering shared office spaces, advanced infrastructure, funding access, legal aid, and expert guidance, they empower startups to overcome initial hurdles, refine models, and acquire vital skills for thriving in competitive markets

This project’s goal is to establish a startup ecosystem in Nandambakkam village, aligned with the government’s Fintech city proposal. The campus aims to offer essential support and infrastructure, guiding SaaS enterprises from pre-seed to full operational status.


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